Rebarring the floor June 15, 16, 2007

Putting in the rebar around the ring beam everywhere except where the insets will be.

Marcos is either sleeping or putting in the double rebar between the insets.

I do believe that Christian and Oscar are putting in the plumbing for the kitchen sink.

Today they put plastic over the slab portion of the floor.

Let me see...this is the side view across the front of the house.

The north-south rebar is laid down first.

Some of the east-west rebar has been added and tied. And rebar has been put into the set-back wall footings.

Looking from the front of the house toward the back.

A close-up of the set back footing--2 bigger rebar connected with smaller pieces.

Looking from the back of the house towards the front of the house.

Looking across the living room. Where the criss-cross rebar is is the entry way to the left and my brother's suite to the right as best as I can figure anyway.

The blocks of wood are marking the center of the dome.

The kitchen sink plumbing.

The grey pipes in the front are the electrical and telephone and cable going to the pole about 10' away. The blue and orange tubes are the electrical going to the breaker box (I think).

These tubes need to be taped over so they don't get concrete inside them.

A blue tube that wasn't going anywhere. The electrician did stop by tonight and I showed it to him; he put it the way it was supposed to go--up out of the cement. It goes into a 1st floor wall.

Looking at the kitchen. I hope it's not as small as it looks.

Most of that section will be the laundry room.

This is looking at the living room area.

June 16, 2007

Marcos arrived at 6 am on a Saturday to tie rebar.

The builder had mapped out the back porch walls and Christian cut them out to eventually dig a shallow footing on Monday.

This line of drain pipes are for the bathrooms. The 2 square boxes are for the tub and shower. The closest one to the camera I'm pretty sure will go up to the master bathroom.

Seen from the opposite end, these pipes are in the laundry room. The close ones with the yellow tops is where the water heater will be hiding. The other end of the laundry room will have the washer & dryer. The smurf tube that is in the beam skeleton is the electrical going to the stove top in the island.

Most of the blue is the ceiling fixtures for the basement.

Marcos and Christian discussing whether tho keep working or call it a day. Temps are already over a 100 and I've already sent Ray 'home' to relax for the weekend.

A lot of the rebar was tied this morning.

Looking across the front of the house from the east.

The rebar over the basement is closer together than the rebar over the dirt.

This shows better the differences in the spacing of the rebar.

Looking down on the corner in the basement that makes the 'L'. Those 4 tall pieces of rebar still need to be bent down into the beam skeleton that meets at the corner, I think.

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