Working on the floor June 12, 2007

Dumping gravel onto the slab area

Spreading the gravel off the board.

Miguel really knows how to let the gravel fly.

Oscar is really getting into moving that gravel.

Miguel doing some dust control.

Don't need the dust poofing up and have someone turn me in.

Oscar is making sure the packed gravel is even.

Oscar Is manning the shovel and Christian has the saw.

Ray is ready to pour another load of gravel to upfill the slab part of the floor.

the dust cloud is not too bad but the gravel fall looks sharp!

The Marcos and Miguel need to get it shoveled off the platform before the next load arrives.

A ground compactor.

Looking east to west across the middle of the the dome floor. This beam goes across the center and the first floor has a wall that sits on top of it.

Looking across the floor to the north.

The electrician is heating the pipe so he can gently bend it into position.

That bigger hole is where the pipe will fit into but it has to go under the metal ring beam form that just barely shows in this picture.

Miguel was recuited to dig the trench deeper for the electricians pipe. Of course, he goes at it with his usual gusto.

Putting the reformed pipe in place.

It's nice to be able to walk over the basement again instead of having to go around the perimeter. But all that wood will be coming out.

The rebar has been started in the ring beam.

The end of the day and it cleaned up.

Using blocks of wood to space the rebar. The rebar itself has to overlap 31".

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