First Floor Preparation June 11, 2007

After they used up the wood I had salvaged from the basement ceiling, they used sheets of plywood.

Those widely spaced planks were originally used to form the inner circle of the ring beam. Now they are being used to bring the plywood up to the proper level.

Looking down the stairs into the basement.

Down in the basement the space lookes like a 2x4 jungle put in to hold several tons of concrete.

More of that 2x4 jungle.

Looking into the egress area.

Looking toward the east end of the basement.

The table saw they used to slice the boards.

Miguel was working on this corner of the basement.

Miguel is stapling masonite boaords to the sides of the beams to give the concrete a nicer finish. Ray thinks of everything. And he's not done yet.

Ray is sawing the boards length-wise while Oscar carefully guides the pieces off the saw table.

The pile of wood strips is growing at Oscar's feet.

There is a smaller beam that must be put in. The boards had to be cut in order to fit the small beams form in place.

One form in place; another waiting.

Another one of Ray's little touches. The long strips were cut at an angle to give the beam a more finished look when it is uncovered later.

Even the stairs was completely covered.

A 'wall' form built and lowered into the opening where the smaller beam will go.

Marcos is putting one of these 'walls' together before they carry it over and lower it carefully into the basement.

Christian measures before making the cut.

Marcos and Chris carry the support piece to be lowered into the basement.

One of the horses that live in the neighborhood. I couldn't resist taking the picture.

The finished support wall is slowly & carefully lowered into the basement.

The end of the day.

Right now this is the only way into the basement.

The east end of the basement.

End of the day showing the top of the egress sticking out from the basement.

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