Preparing for the floor pour June 8, 2007

Ray is being a cut up.

Putting the wall panels in place. These will be holding the concrete beams that will span the basement at the columns.

2 panels together indicates where the beam will go.

Putting in a cross piece to hold the 2 framed out pieces together.

At this rate we'll have enough wood in there to hold up the concrete floor/ceiling.

The forms that were used to make the columns are recycled to be the forms for the beam

fitting the 2x4's in the egress area that will support boards that will hold the concrete floor while it cures.

Looking across the basement.

The boards in the foreground were the original boards spanning the basement with the plywood floor nailed across them Here they are cut to size and span the egress hall.

6 beam forms are in place. There is a 3-part form that still needs to be put in.

Seeing where the beams actually will be is exciting.

At day's end they are ever closer to pouring the floor.

Closed up for the night.

It's Friday and payday.

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