Preparations for ceiling/floor June 7, 2007

This is the load of lumber Ray bought to make forms and scaffolding for the next stage in building.

Marcos is removing the box forms at the top of the basement wall.

Marcos' new hat. Is he going to make a different style everyday? Stay tuned to find out.

Chris is discarding the used forms wood.

Marcos is really working hard trying to get that board off.

He's really getting into it.

Marcos is determined to get that form board loose.

Persistence is starting to pay off.

Look at that form.

The board is finally loose.

The forms at the tops of the columns finally came off.

The mystery corner has been revealed.

It's a cool morning (64 this morning--cold to me, nice to Ray) so Ray is wearing some cool looking bib coveralls with lots of pockets.

More removed forms.

Ray marking and cutting off the excess.

Measuring and marking.

Making lines on both board at the same time...

then putting an X on each board to the left of each line.

The pile of castoff forms wood is growing.

The forms have come off on this side of the basement, too.

When we got back from the truck show, we found 'wall' frames in the basement. Since the two close together is where one of the beams goes it stands to reason they will be spporting the beams until the concrete is cured enough to remove the 'wall' frames.

More framing units spanning the main part of the basement.

No way we could use the circle drive today.

Sure looks like a mess, doesn't it?

A trash can full of wood blocks. Is there any way to recycle them possibly in an artistic way?

The stairs has been moved back to its final position.

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