Spacing the Rebar June 18, 2007
Exactly two years after the fire.

Marcos is cutting rebar to fit.

Oscar is doing some hamstring stretches.

The last bit of dirt is covered with plastic after gravel brought it up to level.

Most of the drains are located in the north most section of the basement.

The rebar has been lifted up 2" with rebar chairs.

All the drains have been wrapped with foam for insulation.

A couple spacers and a whole bag of rebar chairs. A screed board sits next to a couple screed chairs.

Oscar doing more hamstring stretches while fastening rebar chairs.

He uses a pick axe to lift the rebar far enough to put the spacer in place.

Marcos tying a spacer in place.

It's almost enough to give me goose bumps.

In the waning sunlight all the little bumps show up really good. There are spacers and drains, and misc. cans and bottles, too.

The 2 aluminum screed boards with a wooden one in between.

The electrical box that was put in for the electrician.

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